Village Church of St Andrews

Panama City, Florida

(Previously St Andrews Presbyterian Church)


(Previously St Andrews Presbyterian Church)


Village Church of St Andrews has been in existence since 1886. We believe the Bible is God’s Holy Word and we seek to faithfully preach, teach and live it. Our mission is to love and serve God and to grow and share our faith with the community around us.

Village Church is dedicated to the principle that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church. The Church’s mission is to honor and glorify Him and to extend His Kingdom. You will find that there is opportunity for real and tangible service here. We are small in size but warm of heart. We welcome all into our fellowship who take seriously the commands of Jesus that we will follow Him all of our lives.

Worship and Service
As the Epistle of James declares that faith without works is dead, we recall that the 
Hebrew word which we translate “worship” means both acknowledgement and
service to God. At Village Church, we worship and serve God through: 

A dedicated Choir
Bible study for all age groups
Presbyterian Women’s Circle
2 Cents-A-Meal Program
​Support works of both Presbytery of Florida and ​Presbyterian Church USA

We invite you to become a member of our congregation and encourage you to join one of our Session’s Committees. We do not create “busy work.” These committees are for real! Our committees are:

Budget, Finance & Personnel
Property & Building Renovation
Christian Education
Witness & Service

​At the start of a new year, the committees are reestablished with possible changes in leaders and personnel. ​You are invited to be part of this important Church activity.